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Information about AMD CPU Compatibility settings on ASUS A7V KT 133 rev 1.0xx Motherboards

This site´s intention is to present structured, easily available information.

For every board there will be a "main" page containing basic, manufacturers info. This will of course be mostly the same so I will  present basic info on 1.02/main.shtml and then focus on improvements/changes on 1.03 to 1.05. /main.shtml

Please OBSERVE there are two 1.05: "1.05 " without an ending dot and "1.05. " with an ending dot. There are also 2 1.04, with and without dot.
DONT ask my why! Ask Asus why they couldnt make a non-dot release to be easier to differentiate.


Click for larger image
I suspect this may be an 1.01-1.05 board
not the VIA "A" version. Not my picture...

Last reviewed: Wed, 9 April, 2003

Contact info: asusa7v@conram.com

This site is private and not affiliated with anybody, however,
I will be PROUD to present information and links with logo´s to other established A7V sites!!

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